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  A large archipelago formed from the Crozet Plateau, Iles Crozet is divided into two main groups: L'Occidental (the West), which includes Ile aux Cochons, Ilots des Apotres, Ile des Pingouins, and the reefs Brisants de l'Heroine; and L'Oriental (the east), which includes Ile d'Est and Ile de la Possession (the largest island of the Crozets). Discovered and claimed by France in 1772, the islands were used for seal hunting and as a base for whaling. Originally administered as a dependency of Madagascar, they became part of the Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises (TAAF) in 1955. Crozet Islands currently are uninhabited islands. of Norway. Naturally, if there's any activity on the island, the Euro is used as a local paper currency.

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