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Cuba 10 Pesos Convertibles 2007 (2006-2013)

Item Code: CU-FX49

Front: Monument to Máximo Gómez (1836 - 1905) in Havana. Back: Revolución Energetica - Energy Revolution: wind turbines, high voltage power transformers and lines and a pick up truck. Watermark: Portrait of José Martí; denomination numeral "10" in electrotype. Predominant color: Brown. Security features: Consecutively running red vertical and horizontal serial numbers on the obverse of the banknote. Vertical, embedded, 1 mm wide security thread with text "PATRIA O MUERTE - VENCEREMOS". The following features fluoresce while exposed to an ultraviolet light: sparsely distributed colored hairs, serial numbers, a pentagonal star and parts of the design. Artist: Unknown. Engraved by: No info. Signature: Francisco Soberón Valdés (Presidente del Banco, 1995-2009). Issuer: Banco Central de Cuba. Date of first issue: 18 December 2006. Withdrawn: N/a. Total issue: N/a. Material: 100% cotton paper. Printing method: Intaglio. Printer: Central Bank of Cuba.

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Dimensions: 151 x 70 mm
Texts: Banco Central de Cuba. Diez Pesos Pesos Convertibles. Ten Convertible Pesos. Monumento a Maximo Gomez. Revolución Energetica. Garantizado Integramente por Valores Internacionales de Libre Convertibilidad. Es Canjeable por Divisas Libremente Convertibles en El Banco Central de Cuba.
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