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Cyprus 10 Pounds 2005 (1997–2005)

Item Code: CY-62e

Front: Marble head of Goddess Artemis found in Paphos that dates from the Roman period. It is kept in the Cyprus Archaeological Museum, in Nicosia. Cyprus cyclamen (Cyclamen cyprium), a national flower of Cyprus. Coat of arms of the Republic of Cyprus. Back: Fauna and flora of Cyprus: Cyprus warbler (Curruca melanothorax), Cyprus mouflon (Ovis gmelini ophion), Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas), Paphos Blue Butterfly (Glaucopsyche paphos), Cyprus cyclamen (Cyclamen cyprium), White garlic (Allium neapolitanum), the Cyprus tulip (Tulipa cypria). Watermark: Bust of goddess Aphrodite. Security features: Vertical, segmented, windowed, 2 mm wide metallic security thread that is exposed on the front side of the banknote. Watermarked paper. Consecutively running black horizontal and vertical serial numbers on the obverse side of the banknote. Microprinting. Scattered security fibers (hairs), parts of the design elements and the denomination blocks fluoresce under ultraviolet light. Predominant colour: Green. Artist: Unknown. Signature: Christodoulos Christodoulou (Governor CBC, May 2002). Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: Central Bank of Cyprus. Date of Issue: 1 April 2005. Withdrawal: 31 January 2008. Lapse: 31 December 2017. Total issue: Unknown. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: De La Rue, Basingstoke, England (DLR) and François-Charles Oberthür Fiduciaire (FCOF).

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Dimensions: 157 x 76 mm

Texts: Kentriki Trapeza tis Kyprou. Kibris Merkez Bankasi. Central Bank of Cyprus. Deka Lires. On Lira. Ten Pounds.

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