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Germany 5 Deutsche Mark 1991

Item Code: DE-37

Obverse: Writer and novelist Bettina von Arnim (the Countess of Arnim) (4 April 1785, Frankfurt am Main – 20 January
1859, Berlin) born Elisabeth Catharina Ludovica Magdalena Brentano. Wiepesdorf castle and historic buildings of Berlin.
Horn-cornucopia symbolising the collection of folk songs "Des Knaben Wunderhorn". Reverse: Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.
Bank seal. Open letter envelope. Script from Bettina von Arnim's correspondence with Goethe ("Briefwechsel mit einem
Kinde"). Watermark: Portrait of Bettina von Arnim. Predominant colours: Green and olive-green. Signatures: Helmut
Schlesinger; Hans Tietmeyer. Date of issue: 1 August 1991. Date of release: 27 October 1992. Printer: Bundesdruckerei.

Currency Gallery of the Federal Republic of Germany

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Dimensions: 122 x 62 mm

Texts: Deutsche Bundesbank. Fünf Deutsche Mark. Five German Marks. Frankfurt am Main, 1 August 1991.

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