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Denmark 50 Kroner 2009

Item Code: DK-65

Front: Sallingsund Bridge (1978-), between NykÝbing and Roslev, is 1717 metres long.
Back: The Skarpsalling Vessel*; Locations of Sallingsund and Skarp Salling marked on the map of northern Denmark.
Designer: Artist Karin Birgitte Lund. Watermark: 50; Front of a Viking ship. Date of Issue: 11 August 2009.
Printer: Danmarks Nationalbank's Banknote Printing Works.

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Original Size: 125 x 71 mm

*The clay vessel from Skarpsalling in Himmerland (Jutland), was found in a burial chamber in 1891. The vessel is
one of the finest examples of pottery design and decoration known from Stone Age Denmark. It was created when
the barrows were built in approximately 3200 BC, when pottery as a craft was at its peak. Clay vessels were used
during the burial rituals – some pots with contents were stored in the barrows and others were put at the entrance
to the chambers.


The paper: The banknotes are printed on dirt-resistant cotton paper that is much stronger than normal writing paper.
Banknote validity: All Danish banknotes issued after 1945 are still valid and will be exchanged at face value by
Danmarks Nationalbank.


Texts: Danmarks Nationalbank; Halvtreds (Femti) Kroner; Sallingsundbroen; Skarp Salling Karret; Udstedt
i henhold til lov om Danmarks Nationalbank.

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