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Dominican Republic 1000 Pesos Oro 2010

Item Code: DO-180C

Front: National Palace in Santo Domingo. Seal of the Central Bank of the Republic. Blossoms of the Mahogany Tree, La
caoba (Swietenia mahagoni), formerly (1957-2011) the national flower and now the national tree of the Dominican Republic.
Back: House of Columbus (Alcázar de Colón) in Santo Domingo. Predominant colours: Fuchsia red and deep lilac. Signatures:
Héctor Valdez Albizu (Governor); Vicente Bengoa (Secretary). Watermark: Juan Pablo Duarte; Electrotype
1000. Date of release: Unknown (2010). Printer: Oberthur Technologies, France.

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Dimensions: 157 x 67 mm

Texts: Banco Central de la Republica Dominicana. Este billete tiene fuerza liberatoria para el pago de todas las
obligaciones publicas o privadas. Gobernador del Banco Central. Ministro de Hacienda. Mil Pesos Oro. Dios. Patria. Libertad.
Palacio Nacional. Alcazar de Don Diego Colon.

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