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Ecuador 10000 Sucres 1988-1999

Item Code: EC-127E

Front: Second President of Ecuador Vicente Rocafuerte (1783 - 1847). Back: Coat of arms. Independence Monument (1906 by artist
Juan Bautista Minghetti and architect Francisco Durini Cáceres) in Independence Square in front of Carondelet National Palace in Quito.
Watermark: Portrait of Vicente Rocafuerte. Security features: Consecutively running serial numbers on the front of the banknote.
Coloured planchettes (dots) scattered in paper, some fluorescing under ultraviolet light. Colored non-fluorescent fibers (hairs) scattered
throughout the banknote. Watermarked paper. 1 mm wide solid security thread. Predominant colour: Brown. Artist: Pending.
Engraver: Pending. Signatures: Pablo Better Grunbaum (Presidente del Directorio); Iván Ayala Reyes (Gerente General - General
Manager); Jorge Guzmán Oriega (Superintendente de Bancos). Security thread: 1 mm wide, solid. Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer:
Banco Central del Ecuador. First Date of Issue: 30 July 1988. Date of Issue: 12 July 1999 (as depicted). Date of withdrawal: 30
March 2001. Legal tender: No. Total issue: N/a. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Banco Central del Ecuador (BCdE).

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Dimensions: 158 x 68 mm

Texts: Banco Central del Ecuador. Central Bank of Ecuador. Diez Mil Sucres. Ten Thousand Sucres. Quito, Monumento a la
Independencia. 12 de Julio de 1999.

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