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Ecuador 1 Sucre 1920

Item Code: EC-S251R

Front: Andean condor (Vultur gryphus) in the Andes mountains. Back: Fleet of sailing ships of Christopher
Columbus*. Watermark: Text: "BANCO SUR AMERICANO" and two "1". Security features: Watermarked paper.
Predominant colours: Black and brown. Artist: Pending. Engraver: Pending. Signature: Remainder.
Security thread: N/a. Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: El Banco Suramericano. Date of Issue: 2 January 1920.
Date of withdrawal: N/a. Legal tender: No. Total issue: N/a.
Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Unknown.

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Dimensions: 148 x 66 mm
*/ Other names of Christopher Columbus: Christophorus Columbus (Latin), Christoffa Corombo (Genovese),
Cristoforo Colombo (Italian), Cristóvão Colombo (formerly Christovam Colom) (Portuguese), Cristóbal Colón (Spanish).

Texts: El Banco SurAmericano Pagara a la Vista Al Portador Un Sucre En Moneda Corriente;
Quito, 2 Enero de 1920. Kuntur.

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