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Spain 200 Pesetas 1980

Item Code: ES-156

Front: Cross - coat of arms of Kingdom of Asturias. Portrait of Leopoldo García-Alas y Ureña "Clarín"
(1852 - 1901) wearing spectacles. Crowned Royal Spanish coat of arms - Escudo de España. Back: Asturias Oak,
symbol of the Asturian royalty. Handwritten fragment from author's realist novel "La Regenta" ("The Regent's Wife"):
"...el Confín, una montaña que escondía sus crestas en las nubes y caía a pico sobre valles ocultos...". ("...the
Outback, a mountain that hid their peaks in clouds and fell steeply to hidden valleys..."). Watermark: Leopoldo
Alas "Clarín". Signatures: Don José Ramón Álvarez Rendueles (
Governor - El Gobernador, Mar. 1978 - Jul. 1984);
Unidentified (The Auditor - El Interventor); Unidentified (Cashier - El Cajero). Dominant colours: Brown and orange.
Security thread: Solid, narrow, yellow. Issuer: Bank of Spain. Date of Issue: 16 September 1980 (circulated from
1984). Artist: Unknown. Legal tender: N/a. Date of withdrawal: 1992. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Fábrica
Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, Madrid.

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Dimensions: 120 x 65 mm

Texts: Banco de España. Doscientas Pesetas. Madrid, 16 de Septiembre de 1980.

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