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Spain 2000 Pesetas 1992 (1996)

Item Code: ES-164

Obverse: Spanish botanist and mathematician José Celestino Mutis (6 April 1732 — 11 September 1808) who
worked for many years in the Kingdom of New Granada (now Colombia); Outline map of North and South America;
The matching element for front and back is the mariner's compass card; Intaglio rosette, a stylised depiction of a
branch of the Cinchona Tree, which Mutis's Posthumous Work addressed. Reverse: Neo-classical entrance gate to
Royal Botanical Gardens in Madrid, inaugurated by Charles III in 1788 (Colombia's biggest Bogotá Botanical Garden
"Jardin Botánico de Bogotá" are also known as José Celestino Mutis Botanical Gardens); Drawing of the Mutisia
orchid (Mutisia clematis), named in his honour; Sketch with connected lines forming initials "JCM"; Coat of Arms;
Fleur-de-Lis. Watermark: Effigy of Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas (1474-1566) and a symbol of the fifth centenary
of the discovery of America. Printer: Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, Madrid (FNMT). Date of Issue: 24 April
1992. Graphic Design: Reinhold Gerstetter. Engraving: Pablo Sampedro Molero. Signatures: Mariano Rubio (El
Gobernador); Esteban Róspide (El Interventor); Jesús Urdiola (El Cajero).

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Original Size: 138 x 68 mm

Texts: Banco de España; Dos Mil Pesetas, Madrid, 23 de Abril de 1992.
Carolvs III. P.P. Botanices Instavrator Civivm Salvti et Oblectamento, Anno MDCCLXXXI.
"Historia de los árboles de Quina. Obra Póstuma del D. D. José Celestino Mutis, Célebre naturalista y Patriarca de
los Botánicos, Director de la Real Expedición Botánica del N. R. de Granada, socio de diferentes academias de
Europa, y Astrónomo de S. M. Concluida y arreglada por D. Sinforoso Mutis Consuegra, individuo de la misma
Real Expedición Botánica, y nombrado para organizar y publicar la Flora de Bogotá, Año de 1809."

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