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Spain 40 Centimos (1937)
Civil War - "Belarminos"

Item Code: ES-S602

Front: Coats of arms of Asturias & León. Back: Port workers (stevedores, dockers, wharfies, longshoremen,
port labourers). Watermark: Unknown. Signatures: Belarmino Tomás (Por el Consejo de Asturias y León, El
Gobernador General
); Rafael Fernández (Minister of Finance - El Consejero de Hacienda). Dominant colours:
Violet and green. Security thread: Absent. Issuer: Council of Asturias and León. Date of Issue: September
1937. Artist: Unknown. Legal tender: No. Date of withdrawal: No info. Material: Cotton paper.
Printer: Control de Litografía - Gijón. Total emission: Unknown.

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Dimensions: 90 x 48 mm

Texts: Consejo de Asturias y León. ESPAÑA. Cuarenta 40 Centimos. Fourty. Forty. Paz y trabajo.

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