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Ref # Description Image
EU-1   5 Euro 2002 (Classical architecture; European map)   [Picture & Info]
EU-2   10 Euro 2002 (Romanesque architecture; Europe map)   [Picture & Info]
EU-3   20 Euro 2002 (Gothic architecture; map of Europe)   [Picture & Info]
EU-4   50 Euro 2002 (Renaissance architecture; Europe map)   [Picture & Info]
EU-5   100 Euro 2002 Project (Baroque & Rokoko)   [Picture & Info]
EU-6   200 Euro 2002 Project (Steel & glass architecture)   [Picture & Info]
EU-7   500 Euro 2002 Project (Modern architecture)   [Picture & Info]
EU-8   5 Euro 2002 (Classical architecture; European map)   [Picture & Info]
EU-11   50 Euro 2002 (Renaissance architecture: arches, bridge)   [Picture & Info]
EU-15   10 Euro 2002 (Roman architecture: arch, bridge)   [Picture & Info]
EU-16   20 Euro 2002 (Gothic architecture: arches, bridge)   [Picture & Info]
EU-18   100 Euro 2002 (Baroque and Rokoko architecture: arches)   [Picture & Info]
EU-20   5 Euro 2013 (Classic architecture: arch, bridge)   [Picture & Info]
EU-21   10 Euro 2014 (Roman architecture: arch, bridge)   [Picture & Info]
EU-22   20 Euro 2015 (Gothic architecture: arches, bridge)   [Picture & Info]
  Single letter serial number prefixes indicating a member country:

A - Croatia (2023-)
- Lithuania
- Latvia
- Estonia
E -
F -
G -
H -
- Reserved for United Kingdom
K - Reserved for Sweden
L - Finland
M - Portugal
N - Austria
P - Netherlands
Q - Quo vadis?
R - Luxembourg
S - Italy
T - Ireland
U - France
V - Spain
W - Reserved for Denmark
X - Germany
Y - Greece
Z - Belgium

Other countries, territories and autonomous regions using the Euro:

Akrotiri and Dhekelia
Balearic Islands
Canary Islands
Clipperton Island
French Guiana
French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Kosovo (unilaterally adopted)
Montenegro (unilaterally adopted)
Saint Pierre and Miquelon
San Marino
Vatican City

After May 2013 European Union has become a 28 member strong political and
economical bloc with 500+ million inhabitants. Keeping its own currency prevents
potentially huge future economic problems for each member of the EU.

What are the dates of the end of redemption periods for all the European
currencies of the EU member countries that joined the EuroZone?
End of redemption periods *

Country   Coins   Notes
Austria   Unlimited   Unlimited
Belgium   31-12-2004   Unlimited
Cyprus   31-12-2009   31-12-2017
Estonia   Unlimited   Unlimited
Finland   29-02-2012   29-02-2012
France   17-02-2005   17-02-2012
Germany   Unlimited   Unlimited
Greece   01-03-2004   01-03-2012
Ireland   Unlimited   Unlimited
Italy   01-03-2012   01-03-2012
Latvia   Unlimited   Unlimited
Lithuania   Unlimited   Unlimited
Luxembourg   31-12-2004   Unlimited
Malta   01-01-2008   31-01-2018
Netherlands   01-01-2007   01-01-2032
Portugal   30-12-2002   30-12-2022
Slovakia   31-12-2013   Unlimited
Slovenia   31-12-2016   Unlimited
Spain   No info**   30-06-2021**

* last day of redemption at national central banks (DD-MM-YYYY)
** formerly unlimited


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