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French Pacific Territories 10000 Francs 2014

Item Code: FPT-8 (NEW)

Front: Stone pestle as registration device. Tapa cloth patterns (Wallis Island). Oars. Faré (thatched hut). Palm trees. Back: Round huts.
Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre (Tina peninsula, New Caledonia). Stone pestle. Kanak huts. Siapo cloth patterns (Futuna Island).
Watermark: Outrigger canoe with sail; Electrotype "10000". Main colour: Red. Signatures: Christian Noyer (Le Président du Conseil de
Surveillance); Nicolas de Seze (Le Directeur Général); Philippe La Cognata (Le Directeur). Artist: Unknown. Printing method: Intaglio.
Issuer: Institut d’Emission d’ Outre-Mer. Date of Issue: 20 January 2014. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Banque de France (BdF).

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Dimensions: 138 x 73 mm

Texts: Institut d’Emission d’Outre-Mer. République Française. Dix Mille Francs CFP.

French Pacific Territories Banknote Gallery | French Pacific Territories Banknotes For Sale

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