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France 50 Francs 1946-1951

Item Code: FR-127

Obverse: French mathematician and astronomer Urbain-Jean-Joseph Le Verrier (1911-1877) holding a calliper;
Paris Observatory. Reverse: Neptune - Roman God of the Sea, with two dolphins; Neptune, the eighth planet from
the Sun, discovered on 23rd of September 1846 - Capricorn and Aquarius symbolizes the discovery of Neptune;
Six-pointed stars (hexagrams); Two red curves indicate the plane of the ecliptic and celestial equator. Work by:
Robert Pougheon. Engraved by: André Marliat (obverse) and Regnier (reverse). Watermark: Neptune in profile.
Printer: Banque de France.

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Original Size: 119 x 78 mm

Texts: Banque de France; Cinquante Francs; Le Caissier Général; Le Secrétaire Général; L'Article 139 du Code
Pénal Punit des Travaux Forcés Ceux qui Auront Contrefait ou Falsifié les Billets de Banques Autorisées par la Loi.
Ainsi que Ceux oui Auront Fait Usage de Ces Billets Contrefaits ou Falsifies.


Legal Tender Status: This banknote circulated between 10th of March 1947 and 11h of December 1951.

France Banknote Gallery | French Banknotes For Sale

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