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France 5000 Francs 1949-1957

Item Code: FR-131

Front: Pomona*, Roman goddess of plenty holding a cornucopia full of fruits and vegetables, representing the Earth, and Amphitrite,
a Greek sea-goddess and a wife of Poseidon, holding a trident and a shell, representing the Sea. Back: Mercury, god of Commerce,
leaning on his caduceus and Minerva, goddess of poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, magic, and the inventor of
music, holding a compass and a parchment; Factory in operation; Wreath of leaves and fruit in the background. Watermark: Effigies
of a young female and a young male. Work by: Sébastien Laurent. Engraved by: Georges Beltrant (front), Jules Piel (intaglio),
Camille Beltrant (back).
Signatories: J. Belin, P. Rousseau, P. Gargam, J. Cormier, G. Gouin d'Ambrieres, R. Favre-Gilly.
Printer: Banque de France.

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Dimensions: 171 x 111 mm

Legal Tender Status: This banknote has circulated between the 21st of July 1950 and the 18th of March 1959.


*/ Pomona could as well be Genius Loci - the spirit of a place.


Texts: Banque de France; Cinq Mille Francs; L'Article 139 du Code Pénal Punit des Travaux Forcés Ceux qui Auront Contrefait ou
Falsifié les Billets de Banques Autorisées par la Loi. Ainsi que Ceux Qui Auront Fait Usage de Ces Billets Contrefaits ou Falsifiés.

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