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France 500 Francs 1998

Item Code: FR-160

Front: Portrait of Pierre Curie, French physicist (15 May 1859 – 19 April 1906) and his wife Marie Sklodowska-Curie,
French physicist (7 November 1867 – 4 July 1934). On their left, bottom, is represented a bulb containing radium
salts photographed only with their acute luminosity. Red lines reproduce the graphic layout by Marie Curie in her
study of probability curves for the action of X-rays on bacteria. In high watermark of "small Curie", mobile radiological
have circulated on the initiative of Marie Curie during the 1914-1918 war. Under the small triangle for the visually
impaired are printed four round figures symbolising the subatomic world; Back: A representation of the chemical
laboratory of the department of the measurements of the Radium Institute established on the 21st of January 1914;
Watermark: Portrait of Marie Curie;
Work by: Roger Pfund; Signatures: D. Bruneel, J. Bonnardin, Y. Barroux.

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Original Size: 153 x 80 mm

Texts: Banque de France; Cinq Cents Francs; Le Secrétaire Général; Le Controleur Général; Le Caissier Général;
Le contrefaçon ou la falsification des billets de banque et la mise en circulation des billets contrefaits ou
falsifiés sont punies par les articles 442-1 et 442-2 du code pénal de peines pouvant aller jusqu'à trente ans de réclusion criminelle et trois millions de francs d'amende.

France Banknote Gallery | French Banknotes For Sale

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