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France 200 Francs 2018 (Essay)

Item Code: FR-MG6

Front: Portrait of Jean-Paul Belmondo (b.1933), a French actor with two airplanes stunt scene, Paris and Eiffel Tower as a background. Reverse: Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Dorothy Seberg kiss in front of a Paris Métro train on the Champs-Élysées; scene from the movie "Breathless" (À bout de souffle, 1960), directed by Jean-Luc Godard. Watermark: Buns and diamonds. Security feature: Specimen logo (on the obverse) and colourful security fibres fluorescing under ultraviolet light. Watermarked paper. Running serial numbers. Main colours: Brown and pink. Signature: None. Artist & Engraver: Matej Gabriš. Printing method: Offset. Issuer: Private. Date of Issue: 2018. Date of Printing: 2018. Material: Paper. Printer: Unknown. Amount produced: ~700 notes.

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Dimensions: 162 x 85 mm

Texts: Republique Française. Deux Cents Francs. Echantillon. Non valable. Bon Anniversaire Bébel: Belmondo le Magnifique Fête ses 85 ans.

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