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Ref # Description Image
American Numismatic Association
NIC   1 Collector Currency 1988   [Front] [Back]
Bitcoin Cash Notes
NIC   1 Milli ND (Satoshi Nakamoto)   [Front & Back]
NIC   5 Milli ND (Gavin Andresen)   [Front & Back]
NIC   10 Milli ND (Mike Hearn)   [Front & Back]
NIC   20 Milli ND (Jihan Wu)   [Front & Back]
NIC   50 Milli ND (Amaury Séchet)   [Front & Back]
NIC   100 Milli ND (Roger Ver)   [Front & Back]
Canadian Million Dollar Bill
NIC   1 Million Dollar Bill (sailor, locomotive train)   [Photo]
De La Rue
NIC   50 Core ND (printers sample note)   [Photo]
NIC   1 DLR Feature Series ND (ca. 2021) (printers test note)   [Front & Back]
"European Union"
NIC   1 Million Euro (private release) non-negotiable   [Photo]
    "Federation of North America"    
NIC   2 Ameros 2011 (Union Pacific International Bridge)   [Picture & Info]
NIC   5 Ameros 2011 (Ambassador Bridge)   [Picture & Info]
NIC   5 Ameros 2011 (Three Nations Crossing Bridge)   [Picture & Info]
German One Million DM
NIC   1 Million Deutsche Mark (musical instruments, notes)   [Photo]
NIC   3 Islamic Dollars 2003 (Saddam Hussein)   [Photo]
The United States of Baksyland (Buckseeland) - Polish Fantasy Money
NIC   1, 5 & 10 Baks (Buck/s)   [Photo]
Christmas Wishes-Come-True Santa Klaus Dollars
NIC   25 Santa Claus Dollars   [Photo]
Erotic Sexy Euro Eros Money (Censored)
NIC   300 Euro Eros erotic (nude women) Censored   [Photo]
NIC   600 Euro-Eros gay note (nude men) Censored   [Photo]
NIC   1000 Euro-Eros erotic note (nude women) Censored   [Photo]
Million Dollar Bills (non-negotiable, not legal tender)
NIC   1000,000 Dollars 1995   [Front] [Back]
NIC   1000,000 Dollars 1996   [Photo]
NIC   1000,000 Dollars 2001 (Lady Liberty)   [Photo]
NIC   1000,000 Dollars 2002 (Lady Liberty)   [Photo]
NIC   One (Million) Bush Dollar 2003   [Photo]
Kingdom of Time Currency
NIC   One Second 2007   [Picture & Info]
NIC   One Minute 2007   [Picture & Info]
NIC   One Hour 2008   [Picture & Info]
NIC   One Day 2009   [Picture & Info]
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