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Ref # Description Image
GN-7   100 Francs 2.10.1958 (mother, child, village)   [Photo]
GN-8   500 Francs 2.10.1958 (S.Toure, pineapple field)   [Front] [Back]
GN-9   1000 Francs 2.10.1958 (Sekou Toure, sailboats)   [Photo]
GN-12   50 Francs 1.3.1960 (Pres. Sekou Toure, machinery)   [Photo]
GN-13   100 Francs 1.3.1960 (S.Toure, pineapple harvesting)   [Photo]
GN-14   500 Francs 1.3.1960 (Sekou Toure, ships, boats)   [Photo]
GN-15   1000 Francs 1.3.1960 (President, bananas, ox cart)   [Photo]
GN-16   10 Sylis 1971 (Patrice Lumumba, banana plantation)   [Photo]
GN-17   25 Sylis 1971 (pipe smoker; man with cows)   [Picture & Info]
GN-19   100 Sylis 1971 (Ahmed Sekou Touré; Open pit mining)   [Picture & Info]
GN-20   1 Syli 1981 (Mafori Bangoura)   [Picture & Info]
GN-21   2 Sylis 1981 (King Mohammed V of Morocco)   [Picture & Info]
GN-22   5 Sylis 1980 (Kwame Nkrumah; banana plantation)   [Photo]
GN-23   10 Sylis 1980 (Patrice Lumumba, banana farm)   [Photo]
GN-24   25 Sylis 1980 (pipe smoker; cows; herder)   [Picture & Info]
GN-25   50 Sylis 1980 (unknown man, river dam)   [Photo]
GN-26   100 Sylis 1980 (Toure, trucks)   [Photo]
GN-27   500 Sylis 1980 (J. Broz Tito, modern building)   [Photo]
GN-28   25 Francs 1985 (boy, mask, female, huts)   [Photo]
GN-29   50 Francs 1985 (Bearded man; carved mask; water buffalo)   [Picture & Info]
GN-30   100 Francs 1985 (Girl, mask, banana harvesting)   [Photo]
GN-31   500 Francs 1985 (Woman, minehead)   [Photo]
GN-32   1000 Francs 1985 (Girl, mask, ore loading)   [Photo]
GN-33   5000 Francs 1985 (Woman, dam, carving)   [Photo]
GN-35   100 Francs 1998 (Woman; nude carvings; banana harvesting)   [Picture & Info]
GN-36   500 Francs 1998 (Woman; drum; minehead; mining facility)   [Picture & Info]
GN-37   1000 Francs 1998 (Female; drum; mining scene; mask)   [Picture & Info]
GN-38   5000 Francs 1998 (Ornament; woman; carving; dam; mask)   [Picture & Info]
GN-42   10000 Francs 2007 (youth; pineapple; savanna; rock face)   [Picture & Info]
GN-43   1000 Francs 2010 (Smiling woman; drum; mining; mask)   [Picture & Info]
GN-44   5000 Francs 2010 (Ornament; woman; carving; dam; mask)   [Picture & Info]
GN-45   10000 Francs 2010 (Youth; pineapple; savanna; rock face)   [Picture & Info]
GN-35b   100 Francs 2012 (Woman; nude carvings; banana harvesting)   [Picture & Info]
GN-48a   1000 Francs Guinéens 2015 (Smiling woman; mining; bananas)   [Picture & Info]
GN-49   5000 Francs Guinéens 2015 (Foulah wearing Cimier; dam)   [Picture & Info]
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