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Greece 20000 Drachmai 1949

Item Code: GR-183

Obverse: Helmeted Athena; Athenian owl tetradrachm coin. Reverse: Gorgon Medusa; Crowing rooster (cock).
Date of Issue: 29 December 1949. Watermark: Head of Apollo. Printer: Idryma Trapezas Ellados.

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Dimensions: 134 x 70 mm

Texts: Ekdosis deutera; Trapeza Tis Ellados; Drachmai Eikosi Hiliades.


The drachma has been the Greek national currency from 1833 to 2002. On 1 January 2002 the drachma
has been replaced by the euro. Following the introduction of euro banknotes and coins, drachma notes and coins
ceased to be legal tender on 28 February 2002. Drachma banknotes are exchanged for euro at the Bank of
Greece until 1st March 2012.

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