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Ref # Description Image
GW-1   50 Pesos 24.9.1975 (P.Nalsna, field workers)   [Front] [Back]
GW-2   100 Pesos 24.9.1975 (Domingos Ramos; Bijago culture)   [Picture & Info]
GW-3   500 Pesos 24.9.1975 (Pres. Cabral, people)   [Front] [Back]
GW-7   500 Pesos 28.2.1983 (Mendes; slave trade scene; nudes   [Photo]
GW-8   1000 Pesos 24.9.1978 (weaver; Amilcar Cabral; nudes)   [Picture & Info]
GW-9   5000 Pesos 12.9.1984 (Map, Cabral, grain harvest)   [Front] [Back]
GW-10   50 Pesos 1.3.1990 (Pansa Na Isna; artifact; nudes)   [Photo]
GW-11   100 Pesos 1.3.1990 (Ramos, nude-carving)   [Photo]
GW-12   500 Pesos 1.3.1990 (Francisco Mendes; slave trade scene)   [Picture & Info]
GW-13   1000 Pesos 1.3.1993 (Amilcar Cabral; Allegory nudes)   [Picture & Info]
GW-14   5000 Pesos 1.3.1993 (President A. Cabral; map; harvesting)   [Photo]
GW-15   10000 Pesos 1.3.1993 (Amilcar Cabral; nudes fishing)   [Picture & Info]
    Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)    
GW-911S   1000 Francs 1997 (women; native art; bins)   [Photo]
GW-919S   500 Francs 2017 (Sawfish goldweight; two hippos)   [Picture & Info]
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