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Guyana 5000 Dollars 2015

Item Code: GY-40b

Front: Bank of Guyana emblem. Fossil and resource map of Guyana: Gold, diamonds, bauxite, sugar, timber. Back: Mountain river of Guyanese rainforest. Hoatzin (Ophisthocomus hoazin). Phoenix palm tree branch. Watermark: Head of a Macaw parrot; Electrotype "5000". Security features: Consecutively running black vertical and black horizontal ascending horizontal serial numbers on the front of the banknote. Colored filament fibers (hairs), parrots, leaves and the denomination block (on the front), Water Lilies, filament fibers, 4 x $5000 (vertical) and the text "BANK OF GUYANA" (on the back) are fluorescing under ultraviolet light. Solid, metallic, colored, windowed on the reverse, 3,5 mm wide security thread. Holographic stripe 12mm wide (front) that bears repetitive text "BOG", the bank emblem, a jaguar and palm fronds. Two-sided see-through denomination feature. Predominant colour: Green. Artist: Oberthur Fiduciaire. Engraver: Oberthur. Signatures: Dr. Bobind Ganga (Governor, 2 Dec. 2014–); Winston DaCosta Jordan (Minister of Finance, May 2015 – August 2020). Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: Bank of Guyana. Date of issue: 9 December 2013. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Oberthur Fiduciaire, Paris, France.

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Dimensions: 157 x 65 mm

Texts: Bank of Guyana. Five Thousand Dollars. These notes are legal tender for the payment of any amount.

Guyana Banknote Gallery | Guyana Banknotes For Sale

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