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Hong Kong 20 Dollars 2008

Item Code: HK-340

Obverse: Bank of China skyscraper tower; Bauhinia flowers; Beijing Olympics emblem; Ancient Greek
Doric stone column (upper part of a shaft and a capital). Reverse: "Bird's Nest" - National Stadium in Beijing
(Peking); Bauhinia flower. Watermark: National Stadium; 20. Date of Issue: 1 January 2008.
Printer: Hong Kong Note Printing Limited.

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Original Size: 144 x 72 mm

Texts: Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited Promises to pay the bearer on demand at its Office here Twenty
Hong Kong Dollars. By order of the Board of Directors. Commemorating The Games of the XXIX Olympiad.

Hong Kong Banknote Gallery | Hong Kong Banknotes For Sale

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