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Hungary 500 Forint 2018

Item Code: HU-202

Front: Portrait of Francis II Rákóczi Ferenc (1676 - 1735), painting by Ádám Mányoki. Hungarian coat of arms with ornate grape background. Horse executed in iridescent paint positioned within the outline wall plan of Sárospatak Castle. Back: Castle in Sárospatak. Ferenc Rákóczi golden Ducat coin. Watermark: Portrait of Francis II Rákóczi Ferenc; Electrotype '500'. Security features: Running black horizontal and vertical serial numbers. Yellow EURion constellation (Omron rings or doughnuts). Applied holographic 9 mm wide security stripe depicting portrait of Francis II Rákóczi Ferenc and the denomination '500' while on the reverse it is painted with colour changing paint depicting "MNB and 500". Invisible colored filament fibers (hairs), vertical serial number, the denomination block "500" with a horserider in a circle, musical notes with text, another denominational block and a trumpet fluoresce under ultraviolet light. Security thread: Solid, embedded, 1 mm thick, with demetalized "MNB 500". Predominant colour: Pink. Designer: György Pálinkás. Engravers: Károly Vagyóczky (front); György Pálinkás (back). Painter: Ádám Mányoky (front). Signatures: Matolcsy György (Governor MNB, 4 March 2013–); Ferenc Gerhardt (Deputy Governor MNB, 22 March 2011); Windisch László (Deputy Governor MNB, 2 October 2013); Márton Nagy (Deputy Governor MNB, September 2015 – 28 May 2020). Issuer: Hungarian National Bank - Magyar Nemzeti Bank. Date of Issue: 4 July 2018. Circulated from: 1 February 2019. Material: Cotton fiber paper made by Diósgyor Paper Mill Limited. Printing method: Intaglio. Printer: Hungarian State Banknote Printing Company - Magyar Pénzjegynyomda Állami Vállalat, Budapest.

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Dimensions: 155 x 70 mm

Texts: Magyar Nemzeti Bank. Ötszáz Forint. Five Hundred Forints. Budapest, 2018. A bankjegyhamisitást a törvény bünteti! A Sárospataki Vár. Patrona Hung 1707. Magyarország.

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