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Israel 100 Lirot 1968 (5728)

Item Code: IL-37

Front: Portrait of Dr. Theodor Herzl (1860-1904) - Austro-Hungarian journalist and the father of modern political Zionism; Date palm tree.
Back: Emblem of the State of Israel surrounded by the emblems of the twelve tribes of Israel. Watermark: Profile of Theodor Herzl.
Signatures: Governor of the Bank David Horowitz; Chairman of the Advisory Council Y. Chorin. Design: Prof. Masino Bessi, Italy and
H.J. Bard, Great Britain. Date of Issue: 27 February 1969. Ceased to be legal tender: 31 March 1984. Printer: Johan Enschedé en
Zonen in Haarlem, Netherlands.

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Dimensions: 180 x 90 mm

Texts: Bank of Israel; One Hundred Israeli Pounds.

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