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Israel 20 New Sheqalim 1993

Item Code: IL-54

Obverse: Portrait of Moshe Sharett; below, in a line legible under a magnifying glass, the titles of his seven books;
The ceremony of the unfurling of the Israeli flag by Sharett at the U.N. building in 1949. Reverse: Original building
of the Herzliya Hebrew High School where Sharett studied; a background of Little Tel Aviv. Watermark: Portrait of
Moshe Sharett. Printer: Johan Enschede en Zonen (Netherlands). Design: Zvi Narkiss assisted by Arie Glazer.
Signatures: Bank Governor Michael Bruno; Chairman of the Advisory Council Shlomo Lorincz. Issued: 2 April 1988.

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Original Size: 138 x 76 mm

Texts: Bank of Israel; Twenty New Sheqalim.

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