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Israel 20 New Sheqalim 2008 (5768)

Item Code: IL-64

Front: Portrait of Moshe Sharett (1894-1965); Picture of the ceremony of the unfurling of the Israeli flag at the UN
building on May 12, 1949; Text from the speech given by Sharett on that occasion. Back: Picture of Jewish Brigade
volunteers during WW II and of a pre-State look-out tower; Text from Sharett's radio address after his return from a
visit to the Jewish Brigade in Italy. Watermark: Portrait of Moshe Sharett. Printer: Orell Fuessli Security Printing,
Zürich, Switzerland. Remark: This is a regular issue, without the red commemorative inscription.

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Original Size: 138 x 71 mm
Latent image: A triangle in the right-hand corner.
Denomination: In the top right-hand corner in numbers, in Hebrew and with the words "Bank of Israel"; and in the bottom left-hand corner in metallic gold.
Material: Polypropylene, a polymer substrate.
Signatures: Governor of the Bank of Israel, Professor Jacob Frenkel; and Chairman of the Advisory Council, Rabbi Shlomo Lorincz.
Microtext: To the right of the main text with titles of seven books written by Moshe Sharett.
Denomination: In numbers with the words "New Sheqalim" and "Bank of Israel"; in iridescent ink and in Arabic characters.
Designers: Naomi and Meir Eshel.
Date of Issue: January 3, 1999 (original, earlier paper issue).

Texts: Bank of Israel; Twenty New Sheqalim.

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