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Iraq 100 Dinars 1991

Item Code: IQ-76

Obverse: Saddam Hussein; Reverse: Victory Arch (Hands of Victory)
Monument (crossed swords). Signature: Subhi Nadhum Frankool (Sig.23).

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Original Size: 176 x 80 mm

To celebrate his "victory" over Iran, Saddam decided to build a Triumphal Arch. The triumphal arch
is shaped as two pairs of crossed swords, made from the guns of dead Iraqi soldiers that were melted
and recast as the 24-ton blades of the swords. Captured Iranian helmets are in a net held between the
swords. And surrounding the base of the arms are another 5000 Iranian helmets taken from the battle
field. The fists that hold the swords aloft are replicas of Saddam Hussein's own hands.


Texts: Central Bank of Iraq; One Hundred Dinars.

Iraq Banknote Gallery | Iraqi Banknotes For Sale

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