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Iraq 500 Dinars 2004 (1425)

Item Code: IQ-92

Obverse: Dukan Dam (1954-1979) on the Little Zab river. Reverse: Human-headed five-legged Assyrian (Mesopotamian)
centauroid, winged bull or winged lion (Protective genie called Shedu, Urmahlullu, Lamassu or Alad) and a winged
Assyrian priest statues from the palace complex of Sargon II in Khorsabad. Watermark: Head of a purebred Arabian horse.
Artist: Unknown. Engraver: Unknown. Main colours: Green, blue and yellow-green. Signature: Dr. Sinan Al Shabibi
(Governor, September 2003 - October 2012). Issuer: Central Bank of Iraq. Date of First Issue: 2004.
Withdrawn: N/a. Legal tender: Yes. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited.

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Dimensions: 142 x 66 mm

Texts: Central Bank of Iraq. Five Hundred Dinars.

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