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Iceland 500 Kronur 2001

Item Code: IS-58

Front: Jˇn Sigur­sson (1811 - 1879), leader of Iceland's movement for independence. Back: Jon Sigur­sson
working at his writing desk, with tapestry and other articles from the National Museum's collection of his belongings.
ReykjavÝk Grammar School, where parliament met in Jˇn Sigur­sson's day. Watermark: Portrait of Jon Sigur­sson;
Reinforced cornerstones. Main colour: Red. Issuer: Sedlabanki Islands - Central Bank of Iceland. Date of issue:
October 2005 (Law of 22 May 2001). Signatures: Birgir Isleifur Gunnarsson and EirÝkur Gu­nason. Printer: Unknown.

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Dimensions: 145 x 70 mm

Texts: Se­labanki ═slands. Fimm Hundru­ Krˇnur. Five Hundred Kronur. SamkvŠmt L÷gum Nr. 36.

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