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Jersey 1 Pound 1976-1988

Item Code: JE-11

Front: Portrait of young Queen Elizabeth II (Born 21 April 1926); Coat of arms (Three leopards) of Jersey.
Fan-leaved Buttercup; Jersey Buttercup (Ranunculus paludosus Poiret). Back: Battle of Jersey. The Death of Major
Pierson (6 January 1781) oil painting by John Singleton Copley, painted in 1783. It depicts the death of Major Francis
Peirson in the Battle of Jersey on 6 January 1781. Watermark: Jersey cow's head. Predominant colour: Blue.
Signature: J. Clennett (1972-1983, depicted) or Leslie May (1983-1993) (Treasurer of the States).
Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited.

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Dimensions: 135 x 67 mm

Texts: The States of Jersey, promise to pay the bearer One Pound on demand. Jersey C.I.

Jersey Banknote Gallery | Jersey Banknotes For Sale

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