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Kyrgyzstan 50 Som 2009

Item Code: KG-25

Front: Kurmanjan Datka or Datka Kurmanzhan Mamatbai kysy (1811-1907) - the outstanding stateswoman of the
Kyrgyz people, widely known under the alias "The Tsaritsa of Alai" or The Queen of the South", known for her initial
resistance to the annexation of that region by Russia; Tower of the Uzgen architectural complex; National ornament.
Back: Minaret and mausoleum of Uzgen architectural complex of XI-XII centuries, one of the ancient structures of
the Great Silk Road in Kyrgyzstan; Stylized microimages of plants; In the background are the beautiful peaks of
Kyrgyzstan. Watermark: Portrait of Kurmanzhan Datka. Printer: Francois-Charles Oberthur Fiduciaire.

Kyrgyz Currency Gallery

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Dimensions: 126 x 61 mm

Texts: Kyrgyz Banky; Eluu Som; Fifty Som.

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