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Saint Kitts & Nevis 5 Dollars (2000)

Item Code: KN-37K

Obverse: Queen Elisabeth II; ECCB building; Turtle; Green-throated Carib (Eulampis jugularis); Fish.
Reverse: Admiral's House in Antigua & Barbuda; Map of the Eastern Caribbean islands; Trafalgar Falls
in Dominica; Fishes. Watermark: Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Printer: Thomas De La Rue &
Company, Limited; Issuer: Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.

Saint Kitts and Nevis Gallery

This picture is for reference only. It may not be exactly the same image as the one
for sale in the
pricelist or this may be a gallery item (not for sale).

Original Size: 145 x 69 mm

Texts: Eastern Caribbean Central Bank; These notes are legal tender for the payment
of any amount; Five Dollars.

See-through Feature
On all of the banknotes, there are fish in the bottom left hand corner on the front of the notes. When the notes are held up to the light, parts of the fish fill in, as areas on the back of the note line up perfectly with the front.
There is a watermark depicting Queen Elizabeth II on each of the notes. The mould-made watermark appears three-dimensional when the note is held up to the light.
Security Thread
The security thread has been upgraded. When the banknote is viewed from the front under reflected UV light, the letters ECCB and the denominational value of the note are clearly visible in yellow, against a blue background.

A second security thread has also been added. This is a narrow, continuous black line, to the left of the Queen's portrait.
The electrotype reads "ECCB" and enhances the visibility and security of the traditional mould-made watermark.
Intaglio Over Foil
The notes bear a highly reflective foil, which shows the denomination. The letters ECCB and the denomination can be seen in small print around the foil. The presence of intaglio enhances the security of the notes.
Silver Metallic Ink
A compass rose is printed in silver coloured ink on the back of the notes. The ink gives a metallic lustre to the image, and enhances its appearance.
Iridescent print
On the back of the notes, there is an area printed with a special iridescent ink, which has a golden sheen. If you move the note around in the light, you can see the image of several fishes which appear and disappear depending on the angle of view.
St. Kitts & Nevis Banknote Gallery | St. Kitts & Nevis Banknotes For Sale

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