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Ref # Description Image
Royaume du Temps
KT-1   One Second 2007 (Hummingbird; woman)   [Picture & Info]
KT-1A   One Second 2012 (Hummingbird; woman)   [Picture & Info]
KT-2   One Minute 2007 (60 Seconds)   [Picture & Info]
KT-3   One Hour 2008 (60 Minutes)   [Picture & Info]
KT-4   One Day 2009 (DayNight) (24 Hours)   [Picture & Info]
KT-5   One Week (7 Days)   [Picture & Info]
KT-6   One Month (28-31 Days)   [Picture & Info]
KT-7   One Year (12 Months)   [Picture & Info]
KT-8c   One Decade 2011 (coin) (10 Years)   [Picture & Info]
KT-9c   One Lifetime 2009 (coin) (0-120 Years)   [Picture & Info]
KT-10   One Century (100 Years)   [Picture & Info]
KT-11   One Millenium (1000 Years)   [Picture & Info]
KT-12   One Millionium (1 Million Years)   [Picture & Info]
KT-13   One Aeon (~ 1 Billion/Milliard Years)   [Picture & Info]
KT-14   Eternity (Infinity of Time)   [Picture & Info]
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