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Ref # Description Image
KW-1   1/4 Dinar L.1960 (Sheikh Abdullah as-Salim as-Sabah)   [Front] [Back]
KW-3   1 Dinar L.1960 (Sheikh Abdullah as-Salim as-Sabah)   [Front] [Back]
KW-11   1/4 Dinar L.1968 (1980-91) (Oil derrick; Oil refinery)   [Front & Back]
KW-11d   1/4 Dinar L.1968 (1980-91) (Oil derrick; Oil refinery)   [Picture & Info]
KW-12   1/2 Dinar L.1968(1980) (Kuwait Towers; Port Shuwayh)   [Front & Back]
KW-13   1 Dinar (1980-91) (ship, old fortress)   [Front & Back]
KW-14c   5 Dinars L.1968 (1986-91) (Minaret; Seif Palace)   [Picture & Info]
KW-15   10 Dinars L.1968(1980-91) (sailboat)   [Front] [Back]
KW-16   20 Dinars L.1968(1986-91)   [Front & Back]
KW-23   Quarter (1/4) Dinar (1994) (Al Mouhaleb; girls playing)   [Picture & Info]
KW-24   Half (1/2) Dinar (1994) (Souk shops; boys playing)   [Picture & Info]
KW-25   1 Dinar (1994) (Kuwait Towers; Harbour docks)   [Picture & Info]
KW-26   5 Dinars (1994) (Liberation Tower; Oil refinery)   [Picture & Info]
KW-27   10 Dinars (1994) (Great State Mosque; fishermen; dhow)   [Picture & Info]
KW-28   20 Dinars (1994) (Jahra Red Fort; Central Bank; Gate)   [Picture & Info]
KW-29   Quarter (1/4) Dinar (2014) (Liberation Tower; 1st coin)   [Picture & Info]
KW-30   Half (1/2) Dinar (2014) (TV Towers; dhow; Sea turtle)   [Picture & Info]
KW-31   1 Dinar (2014) (Great State Mosque; Bateel; Failaka)   [Picture & Info]
KW-32   5 Dinars (2014) (Central Bank; Oil tanker and refinery)   [Picture & Info]
KW-33   10 Dinars (2014) (National Assembly; camel; falcon)   [Picture & Info]
KW-34   20 Dinars (2014) (Al-Seif Palace; Pearl diver; Al-Boom)   [Picture & Info]
KW-CS1   1 Dinar 26.2.1993 (2nd Anniversary of Liberation of
State of Kuwait) Commemorative Issue.
  [Picture & Info]
KW-CS2   1 Dinar 26.2.2001 (Kuwait Liberation - 10th anniversary)   [Front & Back]
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