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Kuwait 20 Dinars (1994)

Item Code: KW-28

Front: Kuwaiti Emblem depicting a golden falcon (Hawk of Quraish) and a Boom sailing ship (dhow). The outline shape
of the hologram represents the head of a falcon containing a group of alternating images of dhows and the value numerals
of the note in Arabic figures. Cannon at the Red Fort. Red Fort at Jahra. Back: Central Bank of Kuwait Building. Shamiya
Gateway in the Old Wall of Kuwait City. Watermark: Falcon head. Main colour: Khaki olive green. Artist: Unknown.
Engraved by: Unknown. Signatures: Mohammad Yousef Al-Hashel (Governor); Mustafa Jassem Al-Shamali (Minister of
Issuer: Central Bank of Kuwait. Date of Issue: 3 April 1994. Material: 100% cotton. Printer: Thomas De La Rue.

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Dimensions: 160 x 68 mm

Texts: We Seek God's Assistance. Central Bank of Kuwait. Twenty Dinars.

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