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Kuwait 1 Dinar 1993

Item Code: KW-CS1

Theme: Commemorative note - 2nd Anniversary of the Liberation of the State of Kuwait. Front: Map of Kuwait. Coat of arms. Back: Smoke from burning oil rigs. Camels. Soldier greeting civilians in a fraternization scene in front of Seif Palace in Kuwait City. Watermark: Saker falcon (Falco cherrug). Security features: Consecutively running black horizontal serial numbers on the obverse side of the banknote. Yellow part of the reverse of the banknote and the serial numbers fluoresce under ultraviolet light. Predominant colour: Buff. Artist: Unknown. Signatures: Salem Abdulaziz Al Sabah (Governor CBK, 1986-2012); Nasser Abdulla al-Rodhan (Finance Minister). Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: Central Bank of Kuwait. Date of Issue: 26 February 1993. Total issue: Unknown. Material: Polymer plastic substrate. Printer: De La Rue, Basingstoke, England.
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Dimensions: 160 x 68 mm
Texts: Central Bank of Kuwait. One Dinar. This is not legal tender. A Commemorative Note Issued on the Occasion of the Second Anniversary of Liberation of the State of Kuwait. February 26, 1993.

34 countries listed on the banknote as supporters of Kuwait:

United States, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Egypt, Canada, Syria, France, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan, Italy, Senegal, Bangladesh, Niger, Belgium, Australia, Netherlands, Argentina, Greece, Spain, Czechoslovakia, Norway, New Zealand, Morocco, Hungary, Honduras, Turkey, Poland, Denmark, Philippines, Japan, Germany.


"The Central Bank of Kuwait, in commemoration of the Second Anniversary of Liberation Day is issuing this special and Commemorative Note at the nominal value of One Kuwaiti Dinar.

On the 26th of February 1991, the sovereignty of the State of Kuwait was restored and the people of Kuwait were freed of the tyrannical occupation. Thereby, the legitimate government has resumed its duties towards the reconstruction, progress and prosperity of the country.

The liberation of Kuwait was achieved by the grace of God and through the tireless efforts and the sacrifice made by courageous men and women coupled with the unprecedented alliance of 34 countries who supported the just Kuwaiti cause.

This special Note has been issued to express gratitude and appreciation for the sacrifices and support which culminated in the liberation of Kuwait.

This Note also serves as a reminder of the devastation inflicted on Kuwait under occupation, in particular the human suffering and the environmental tragedy.

Sadly, innocent men, women, and children remain captive in the aggressor's prisons.

We will continue to work, along with the international community towards freeing these hostages. We will not rest or cease our efforts until every single person has returned safely to their homeland, family and friends."

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