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Kazakhstan 10 Tenge 1993

Item Code: KZ-10

Obverse: Bust of Shoqan Valikhanov Walikhanuli (1835-1865) in military uniform. Reverse: Mount Okzhetpes in
Borovoye; State Emblem. Date of Issue: 15 November 1993. Date ceased to be legal tender: 25 July 2006.
Redemption period: Until 14 November 2010. Watermark: Shoqan Valikhanov.

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Dimensions: 144 x 69 mm

Remark: Since 15th of November 2006 banknotes issued in 1993 are accepted only by branches of Kazakh
National Bank and by commercial banks for exchange into other legal tender and transfer in to the bank accounts
as well. After 14th of November 2012 all banknotes issued in 1993 will no longer remain legal tender.


Texts: The National bank of Kazakhstan; Qazaqstan Ulttyq Banki; Ten Tenge; On Tenge.

Kazakhstan Banknote Gallery | Kazakh Banknotes For Sale

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