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Laos 5000 Kip (1975)

Item Code: LA-19

Obverse: King Savang Vatthana; Main gate to Wat Phonesay Sanasongkham temple surrounded by palm trees; Mythical
man slaying the beast; Stylized dragon head. Reverse: Traditional Lao folk music ensemble, which usually performs as
court music for classical dance-drama based on the Hindu epic Ramayan; Ornamental flowery designs; Flower arrangement
in a pot. Watermark: Tricephalic elephant arms from the Royal Flag of Laos (1952-1975). Remark: This banknote
withdrawn from circulation on the 15th of June 1976.

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Dimensions: 170 x 82 mm

Texts: Royaume du Laos; Kingdom of Laos; Banque Nationale du Laos; National Bank of Laos; Cinq Mille Kip;
Five Thousand Kip; Le contrefacteur sera puni conformément à la loi.

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