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Ref # Description Image
LB-BON   Government Treasury Bond 10000 Livres 1949   [Picture & Info]
LB-26   1 Livre 1.9.1939 (Columns of Baalbek)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
LB-34   5 Piastres 15.7.1942 (cedar tree)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
LB-55   1 Livre 1952-64 (Sidon Sea Castle; Jupiter Temple)   [Picture & Info]
LB-56   5 Livres 1964 (courtyard, snowy mtns.)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
LB-61   1 Livre 1980 (ruins, cavern)   [Obverse & Reverse]
LB-62   5 Livres 1978 (footbridge, gallery, buildings)   [Obverse & Reverse]
LB-63   10 Livres 1986 (Ruins of Anjar, rocks)   [Obverse & Reverse]
LB-64   25 Livres 1983 (Saida Castle; Musaylaha Castle)   [Picture & Info]
LB-65   50 Livres 1988 (Temple of Bacchus)   [Obverse & Reverse]
LB-66   100 Livres 1988 (Palais Beit-ed-din)   [Obverse & Reverse]
LB-67   250 Livres 1988 (Ruins at Tyras)   [Obverse & Reverse]
LB-69   1000 Livres 1992 (map, ruins, building)   [Obverse & Reverse]
LB-71   5000 Livres 1995 (geometric designs, bar code)   [Obverse & Reverse]
LB-72   20000 Livres 1994 (geometric designs, bar code)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
LB-73   50000 Livres 1995 (cedar tree, artistic boats)   [Obverse] [Reverse]
LB-76   10000 Livres 1998 (geometric designs; bar code)   [Picture & Info]
LB-77   50000 Livres 1999 (cedar tree; boats)   [Picture & Info]
LB-78   100000 Livres 1999 (cedar tree; grapes)   [Picture & Info]
LB-79   5000 Livres 2001 (geometric designs)   [Picture & Info]
LB-81   20000 Livres 2001 (geometric designs; bar code)   [Picture & Info]
LB-84   1000 Livres 2004 (Alphabet)   [Picture & Info]
LB-90   1000 Livres 2011 (Alphabet development; Lebanon
  [Picture & Info]
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