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Sri Lanka 2000 Rupees 2005

Item Code: LK-121A

Obverse: Wedding ceremony procession. Dressed elephant for wedding ceremony. Sigiriya Lion's Rock and King
Kashyapa I castle ruins. Traditional Ceremonial sunshade and fan - Sesath or Sesatha attached to Mura Audaya (spear).
Reverse: Sigiriya fresco from the 6th Century AD depicting a topless female holding flowers in her hands. Vertical gold
band with a repeated lotus motif. Watermark: Heraldic Lion passant, from the National Flag of Sri Lanka, holding a
highlighted sword in his fore paw. Cornerstones. Signatures: Sarath L. B. Amunugama (Finance Minister
, 14 April 2004
- 22 November 2005
); Sunil Mendis (Governor, 2004-2006). Dominant colour: Brown, sandy brown, terracotta and
goldenrod. Security thread: Windowed, 4 mm wide, StarChrome, with repeated incriptions 'RS 2000 SRI LANKA' and
butterflies in between. Issuer: Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Date of Issue: 2 November 2005. Circulation: 17 October 2006.
Artist: Unknown. Legal tender: Yes. Date of withdrawal: N/a. Material: Cotton paper. Printer: Thomas De La Rue
and Company Limited.

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Dimensions: 164 x 82 mm

Texts: Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Two Thousand Rupees.

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