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A r g e n t i n a

    Loteria Nacional    

A r u b a

    Lotto Aruba    

A s i a

    Asia Pacific Lottery Association    
A u s t r a l i a
    Golden Casket    
    SA Lotteries    

A u s t r i a

    Österreichische Lotterien    
B e l g i u m
    Belgium National Lottery    
B r a z i l
    CAIXA Loterias    
    Loteria Brazil    
    Loteria Mineira    
    Loteria do Estado do Rio de Janeiro    
C a n a d a
    Atlantic Lottery Corporation    
    Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation    
C h i l e
    Loteria Chile    

C o l o m b i a

    Lotería de la Cruz Roja Colombiana    
    Lotería de Bogotá    
    Lotería del Risaralda    
    Lotería del Tolima    

C r o a t i a

    Hrvatska Lutrija    

C z e c h i a


D e n m a r k

    Danske Spil    

E c u a d o r

    Loteria Nacional    
E s t o n i a
    Eesti Loto    

E u r o p e

    Euro Jackpot (Trans-European lottery)    
    Euro Millions (Western Europe only. Unofficial but a very fine and useful website)    
    Euro Millions (Western Europe only. Redirect page to national sites)    
    European State Lotteries and Toto Association    
    ELS Lotto - Euro Lottery Services    
    Viking Lotto (Northern Europe and Slovenia)    

F i n l a n d


F r a n c e

    FDJ - Française des Jeux - French National Lottery    
    French Lottery Tickets    

G e r m a n y
    Lotto Berlin    
    Lotto Hamburg    
    Neugebauer Lottery    
    NKL - Nordwestdeutsche Klassenlotterie    
    SKL Meierebert - Süddeutsche Klassenlotterie    
    West Lotto    
G r e e c e

H u n g a r y

I n d i a
    India Lotto    
    Kerala State Lotteries    
    North India Lottery    
    Sikkim Lottery    
    Sikkim State Lotteries    
    Star India Lottery    

I r e l a n d

    National Lottery    
I s r a e l
    Mifal Hapais    

I t a l y




J a p a n


L a t v i a

    Latvijas Loto    
L i t h u a n i a
    Nacionalinë Loterija    
    Olifeja Lottery    
    Zalgirio Loto    

L u x e m b o u r g

    Loterie Nationale Luxembourg    

M a c e d o n i a

    Lotarija na Makedonija    

M a l a y s i a

    Sports Toto    

M a u r i t i u s

    Loterie Nationale Maurice    

M e x i c o

    Lotería Nacional    

N e t h e r l a n d s

N e w . Z e a l a n d
    Lotto NZ    

N o r w a y

    Norsk Tipping    

P h i l i p p i n e s

    Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO)    
P o l a n d

P o r t u g a l

    Jogos Santa Casa    
P u e r t o . R i c o
    Loteria Electronica    

R o m a n i a

    Loteria Romana    

S l o v a k i a

S l o v e n i a
    Loterija Slovenije    
S o u t h . A f r i c a
    National Lottery    

S p a i n

    Loteria Nacional    

S w e d e n

    Bingo Lotto    
    Svenska Spel    
S w i t z e r l a n d
    Loterie Romande    
    Swiss Lotto    

T u r k e y

    Milli Piyango    
U n i t e d . K i n g d o m
    Isle of Wight Lottery    
    National Lottery Commission    
    United Kingdom National Lottery    
U n i t e d . S t a t e s

    State Lotteries    
    Arizona Lottery    
    Arkansas Scholarship Lottery    
    California Lottery    
    Colorado Lottery    
    Connecticut Lottery Corporation    
    Delaware Lottery    
    District of Columbia Lottery    
    Florida Lottery    
    Georgia Lottery    
    Idaho Lottery    
    Illinois Lottery    
    Indiana Hoosier Lottery    
    Iowa Lottery    
    Kansas Lottery    
    Kentucky Lottery Corporation    
    Louisiana Lottery Corporation    
    Maine Lottery    
    Maryland Lottery    
    Massachusetts Lottery    
    Michigan Lottery    
    Minnesota State Lottery    
    Missouri State Lottery    
    Montana Lottery    
    Nebraska Lottery    
    New Hampshire Lottery    
    New Jersey Lottery    
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    New Mexico Lottery    
    New York Lottery    
    North Carolina Education Lottery    
    North Dakota Lottery    
    Ohio Lottery    
    Oklahoma Lottery Commission    
    Oregon Lottery    
    Pennsylvania Lottery    
    Lotería Electrónica (Puerto Rico)    
    Rhode Island Lottery    
    South Carolina Education Lottery    
    South Dakota Lottery    
    Lottery Tennessee    
    Texas Lottery    
    Utah Lottery    
    Vermont Lottery    
    Virgin Islands Lottery    
    Virginia Lottery    
    Washington State Lottery    
    West Virginia Lottery    
    Wisconsin Lottery    
    Wyoming Lottery    
    Other Lotteries & Lottery Associations    
    Mega Millions    
    Multi-State Lottery Association    
    North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries    

U r u g u a y

    Loteria Uruguaya    

V e n e z u e l a

    Lotería del Táchira    

W o r l d

    Corporación Iberoamericana de Loterías y Apuestas de Estado    
    World Lottery Association    
    Mega Millions recipe: longer odds, bigger pots and fewer winners    

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