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Libya 1 Dinar 2019

Item Code: LY-A81

Front: Building of the Central Bank of Libya in Tripoli. Back: Refinery. Arch of Marcus Aurelius in Tripoli. Clear window: Omar Al-Mukhtar. Signature: Saddek Omar Ali Elkaber (Al-Seddiq Omar al-Kabir; Sadiq al-Kabir; Siddiq Al Kabir) (Governor). Main colour: Blue. Security features: Running black serial numbers (vertical and horizontal) with alpha-numerical fractional prefixes on the obverse. Parts of the banknote design and the vertical serial number fluoresce under ultraviolet light. Artist: Unknown. Issuer: Central Bank of Libya. Date of Issue: 18 February 2019. Legal tender: Yes. Total issue: Unknown. Material: Polymer plastic substrate. Printing method: Intaglio (raised print). Printer: No info.

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Dimensions: 130 x 65 mm

Texts: Central Bank of Libya. Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. Dawlat Libya. One Dinar. Jni. Jneh. Jonayh. Jnee. Gnee. The note commemorates the 8th Anniversary of the 2011 February Libyan Revolution.

Libya Banknote Gallery | Libyan Banknotes For Sale

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