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Moldova 1 Leu 1994-2010

Item Code: MD-8

Front: Effigy of Prince of Moldavia Stephen III or Stephen Musat III (1433 - 2 July 1504), also known
as Stephen the Great (Stefan cel Mare) (ruled between 1457 and 1504). Coat of arms. BNM logo. Back: Capriana
Monastery. Arms of Stephen the Great. Stylized image of Trajan's Column and The Endless Column. See-through
feature: The letter "V" on the obverse and Trajan's Column and the Endless Column on the reverse outlines letter
"M" = Moldova. Watermark: Prince Stefan cel Mare. Main colours: Goldenrod and ochre ("yellow and brown").
Signature: Leonid Talmaci (Governor, 1991-2009). Printer: Unknown.

Moldovan Currency Gallery

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pricelist or this may be a gallery item (not for sale).

Dimensions: 114 x 58 mm

Texts: Republica Moldova. Banca Nationala a Moldovei. Un Leu. One Leu. Falsificarea acestor bilete
se pedepseste conform legilor. Guvernator. Pe-un picior de plai, pe-o gura de rai. Minastirea Capriana.

Moldova Banknote Gallery | Moldavian Banknotes For Sale

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