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Madagascar 2000 Ariary 2017
Item Code: MG-101
Front: Bandro, the Lac Alaotra bamboo lemur (Hapalemur alaotrensis). Orchid blossom. Butterfly. Map outline of Madagascar. Birds in flight. Back: Madagascan pitcher plant (Nepenthes madagascariensis), the first Nepenthes species to be discovered. Volute. Comet moth also known as Madagascan moon moth (Argema mittrei). Watermark: Head of a Zebu (Bos taurus indicus); Electrotype "2000". Security features: Consecutively running horizontally positioned black serial numbers (one in Italic cursive font) on the reverse of the banknote. Coloured filament fibers (hairs) and an image of a turtle with repetitive "BFM 2000" (on the reverse) fluoresce under ultraviolet light. Segmented, windowed 3 mm wide security thread fluoresces in green and red. EURion constellation (Omron rings, doughnuts). Predominant colour: Olive. Artist: No info. Engraver: N/a. Signature: Alain Hervé Rasolofondraibe (Le Gouverneur, 14 Nov. 2014-). Printing method: Intaglio. Issuer: Bank of Madagascar. Date of Issue: 17 July 2017. Date of withdrawal: N/a. Total issue: Info pending. Material: Cotton fiber. Printer: François-Charles Oberthur - Oberthur Technologies (France) (DualTrack wire technology) (FCOF).
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Dimensions: 135 x 72 mm
Texts: Banky Foiben'i Madagasikara. Roa Arivo Ariary. Two Thousand Ariary. Helohin'ny Lalana Hiasa Anterivozona Mandrapahafatiny Ny Mpanao Vola Sandoka. La Loi Punit des Travaux Forcés a Perpétuité Tout Contrefacteur de Monnaie.
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