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Malaya 1 Dollar (1942)

Item Code: MLY-M5C

Front: Breadfruit tree (Artocarpus altilis). Coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). Back: Guilloche pattern, rosettes and frames.
Watermark: Recurved repetitive ornaments. Signature: None. Main colours: Grey; blue. Artist: Unknown. Engraver: Unknown.
Issuer: The Japanese Government. Date of Printing: Pending. Date of Issue: 1942. Withdrawn: N/a. Lapse: N/a. Legal tender:
No. Total issue: Unknown. Material: Cotton paper. Printing method: Intaglio (raised print). Printer: Printed in Japan.
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Dimensions: 141 x 68 mm
Texts: The Japanese Government promises to pay the bearer on demand One Dollar.
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