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Macau 10 Patacas 2001

Item Code: MO-76

Obverse: Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial House* (built in 1912), renamed in 1958 as The Memorial Hall of the
Father of the Republic. Reverse: View of Macao with Governor Nobre de Carvalho Bridge, also known
as the Macau-Taipa Bridge. Watermark: Junk sailboat.

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Original Size: 139 x 69 mm

Texts: Macau; Banco Nacional Ultramarino; Dez Patacas; Ten Patacas.


* Curiosity: Beside the Memorial House (formerly known as "Mansion of Sun") is the garden where Sun Yat Sen
used to sit in. A full-sized bronze statue of Dr. Sun is erected in the garden, cast by his Japanese friend
Umeya Shokichi in 1934. On the statue, four Chinese characters are inscribed, which literally mean:
"The Whole World as One Community".

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