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Mauritania 200 Ouguiya 2004

Item Code: MR-11

Front: Geometric and ornamental designs with native motives;
Back: Decorated pestle and mortar; a dugout canoe; palm tree; balancing perch pole;
Watermark: Head of an old bearded man.

Mauritanian Currency Gallery

This picture is for reference only. It may not be exactly the same image as the one
for sale in the
pricelist or this may be a gallery item (not for sale).

Original Size: 136 x 68 mm

Texts: Banque Centrale de Mauritanie; Deux Cents Ouguiya.
Les auteurs ou complices de falsification ou de contrefacon de billets de banque
seront punis conformement aux lois et actes en vigueur.

Mauritania Banknote Gallery | Mauritania Banknotes For Sale

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