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Malta 2 Liri (1994)

Item Code: MT-45

Front: Emblem of the Central Bank of Malta. Figure of an allegorical woman holding a rudder, symbolising Malta
in control of its own destiny. Doves (symbolise peace). United Nations Emblem. Mosaic designs from the period of
Roman presence in Malta.
Back: The Banka Guratali at Mdina and at Rabat, Gozo. Watermark: Allegorical head of
Malta with castle on top. Signature: Michael P. Bonello (Governor). Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Company Limited.
Date of Issue: 1st of June 1994.

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Dimensions: 139 x 66 mm

Texts: Bank Centrali ta’ Malta. Din il-karta tal-flus hija valuta legali ghal. Zewg Liri. Two Pounds. f'Malta u mahruga
bl-awtorità ta' l-Att ta' l-1967 tal-BankCentrali ta' Malta. 20 'ta Gunju 1428 Il-Maltin u l-Ghawdxin jiksbu d-Diploma tal-Helsien
minghand ir-Re Alfonsu V ta' Aragona.Banka Guratali ta' Ghawdex. Banka Guratali ta' L-Imdina. Fiducia Fortis 1968.

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