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Mexico 100 Pesos 2007

Item Code: MX-130

Front: Nezahualcóyotl ("Coyote who Fasts") (1402-1472) - Poet and King of Texcoco; Vignette of Nezahualcoyotl
tlatoani identified as his nominal glyph; Stylised Suns. Back: Sculpture of Xochipilli, The Prince of Flowers; Xihuacóatl,
fire serpent found in the southern part of Tenayuca Templo Mayor; Silhouette of a ball game; The virgule word;
A representation of the aqueduct completed by Nezahualcoyotl. Watermark: Nezahualcóyotl.
Signature: Raúl Valdés Ramons (Cajero Principal); Jose Julian Sidaoui Dib (Junta de Gobierno).
Artist: J. Peral. Printer: Banco de Mexico (BdM).

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pricelist or this may be a gallery item (not for sale).

Original Size: 156 x 66 mm

Texts: Banco de México; Mexico, D.F. Cien Pesos. "Amo el canto del Zentzontle pajaro de cuatrocientas voces.
Amo el color del jade y el enervante perfume de las flores. Pero amo mas a mi hermano el hombre".

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